Eclipse: javax.crypto.BadPaddingException

Today I just wanted to add the Windows Azure Certificate to my Eclipse IDE (WindowsAzure4e).
I misstyped the cert password and get this error:

javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: Given final block not properly padded

But then I didn’t get the dialog again to enter the right password.

To get this problem solved you need to delete the imported windows azure certs settings in eclipse.

To do so just delete this folder:


Then you can repeat adding the certificate.

Maybe it also helps to delete the certificate completely from your system. To do so start the windows cert manger:

Start -> Search -> certmgr.msc -> Enter

Search for the installed cert in the different cert folders and delete it.

Directory .svn containing working copy admin area is missing

I had this problem because I deleted a conflicted folder out of the repository by using the repo browser.
(It was not possible to delete the folder from my working copy and commit the change).

Now I wanted to add the repaired folder to my working copy which cause the error above.

There are there options to solve this problem:

1. If the folder is a subfolder you can delete the parent folder and make a svn update on everything.
2. If the folder is in the first level you can checkout the whole project again.
3. My solution, which worked very well, was to checkout the whole project to a temp dir, then I copied the first level .svn directory and replaced my working copy .svn folder with this.

Code/Folder compare, sync, diff and merge with Mac OS X

Long time I was searching for an application which does what you can read in the title of this posting.
I was working with Mac OS X panther, so it was even more difficult to find an app, because of an old OS and a G4 Prozessor.

Now with my new Mac I can use and test the recent apps for my needs. In the windows and linux world are the following apps very popular:

For Mac OS X however it’s hard to find such popular and worth proved tools. These days I found a saving blog post from echeng and many useful comments for my problem.

For a better overview I made a list of the mentioned code/folder compare, sync, diff and merge applications:

My decision flew to diffmerge because it’s free and does what I want – albeit not very intuitive but it does – namely show me the differences between folders and the exact differernces in the file contents.

When I have the time I’ll enhance more information. You’re invited to help me ;-)

Thx to echeng and the commentators.

WordPress: jQuery is not defined

Nach dem Update auf die neue WordPress Version 2.5.1 hatte ich das Problem, dass die meisten Funktionen, die Javascript benötigen nicht richtig funktionierten. Wie z.B. die aufklappbaren Einstellungsmöglichkeiten beim Erstellen eines neuen Eintrags. Firebug zeigte mir folgenden Fehler:

jQuery is not defined

In Foren oder dergleichen habe ich keine Lösung gefunden zu dem Problem gefunden obwohl der Fehler nicht nur bei mir auftauchte. Dann fiel mir ein, dass der Upload nicht ganz reibungslos verlief und so habe ich alle neuen WordPress-Dateien nochmals auf den Server geladen. Und siehe da, nun geht alles wieder.

Flickr Fotos in WordPress mit FAlbum

Nachdem ich schon das Plugin F Gallery von ausprobiert habe und nach langem Probieren kläglich daran gescheitert bin, es vernünftig mit WordPress zum Laufen zu bringen, habe ich nach einer Alternative gesucht und gefunden -> FAlbum von Randombyte.

Die Installation ist recht einfach:

  • * Files downloaden
  • * Entpacken und ins Pluginverzeichnis von WP kopieren (…wp-content/plugins/… )
  • * Plugin aktivieren
  • * In den Optionen Flickr Authorisation resetten
  • * Irgendwo im Temlate den Link zum Album einsetzen

Templateanpassungen muss man in der Datei wp-content/plugins/falbum/wp/album.php

Mehr Infos und Hilfe gibt’s hier: Randombyte

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