Deploying PHP on Heroku is very easy.

Here is an example how to deploy an easy PHP project (no framework or so) from your GIT repo to Heroku.

Well, first you need to follow the first two steps of the Heroku Get started intructions (Sign up, Install toolbelt).

Then go to your command line and enter the following commands (replace the dummy project name with yours):

heroku create heroku-project-php --stack cedar
  Creating heroku-project-php... done, stack is cedar |

Now go to the path of your local GIT repo clone which you want to push to Heroku and add Heroku as remote branch:

git remote add heroku
git push heroku master

Finished. Now you should see your running PHP on

How cool is that? :)

Note: Cedar is now the default stack, so you can use: heroku create myapp without –stack cedar now. I don’t know yet if you need to change it for new Heroku deployments.

Have fun trying it out.